CC Patterns Ltd

We at CC Patterns are a machine and pattern shop which specialise in the manufacture of master patterns and moulds for a wide range of industries. Using our state of the art CNC machines capable of 3 and 5 axis machining, we have the ability to manufacture patterns and components made from different types of material. This includes epoxy tooling block, rohacell, carbon fibre, MDF and various plastics. CC Patterns are able to provide a complete service including:  
  • Consultation
  • Design and Development
  • CAD modelling and CAM programming
  • CNC machining using our Haas machines
  • Surface finishing/polishing
  • Inspection.
  Working alongside our sister company Codem Composites, we are able to offer a complete composites solution to our customers from initial consultation and pattern design/manufacture right through to a fully finished component. Codem are proud to be able to add to our list of services:  
  • Digitising/Templating
  • Tooling; Carbon or Glass
  • Kit/Material Cutting
  • Mould Repair
  • Component Manufacture
  • Inspection
  • Trimming and Assembly
  • Autoclave Facility
  • Component Repair
  • Oven Facility
  We proudly supply F1 teams and use the same expertise to provide a fast, high quality, competitive service to all of our customers.