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Nerc Tackle Some Aluminium

Added to MTD Network by on 10 July 2019

Konrad from Nerc Precision finally got his hands on an aluminium job today and could not resist to see if his new Leadwell V42AF can match MRR of the BT50 machine with "60hp"……

The goal was 5000 cubic inches of material removed in an hour at 100% spindle load.
Cutting parameters:
Material: 6082 T6
Tool: WNT – Total Tooling = Quality x Service² A211.40.R.06-11
Inserts: CERATIZIT - Team Cutting Tools XDHT 11T302FR-ALP CWK26
Vc: 1005 m/min
Fz: 0.2085
Ap: 5.5mm
Ae: 30mm
Rpms: 8000
Table feed: 10 000 mm/min

If his maths is right that gives MRR at 1650cm3/min or 6000 cubic inches per hour. Spindle load went up to 94% :) and it sounds and looks absolutely awesome!


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