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We are halfway through 2019 already ... We are halfway through 2019 already ... We are halfway through 2019 already ...

We are halfway through 2019 already ...

Added to MTD Network by on 07 June 2019


Due to the increase in production and sales, not only has our workforce increased but so have our machining capabilities, with the introduction of several new machines, which has enabled us to reduce our lead times.

 Current lead times: 
      - Sliding head (SR machines): 5-7 working days
      - Sliding head (SV machines) 12 - 14 working days
      - Turning and milling 7 - 10 working days

Image dimension measurement system
The new quality measurement equipment will enable us to take faster, easier and mroe consistent measurements. With width, radius and height measurement capability all in one machine.

Nakamura - Tome
NTRX -300
The newest member of our milling & turning section, taking us to two NTRX 300

DMG Mori
Universal milling centre ideal for complex manufacturing, swivelling range of B Axis from -5 to 100


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