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Hex Bolts – 7 Days A Week Hex Bolts – 7 Days A Week

Hex Bolts – 7 Days A Week

Added to MTD Network by on 11 September 2019

Some nice A108-14E UNF hex bolts & A102-6J UNF (3A fit) hex bolts both from S154 being manufactured this morning Liam Carter and the team are busy manufacturing clients orders today keeping up with the ever growing demand. Arnold Wragg Ltd and the team are now available 16 hours a day during the week and most weekends. With expansion in mind we very much look forward for any opportunities you may have or working relationships you may wish to develop. Arnold Wragg’s Line Card covering part ranges such as A series, AGS, AS, SP, STD, SL, MDS, DDS, Din and many more... For more information, our company brochure, line card details etc please feel free to contact Liam and our sales team on the usual at your earliest convenience.


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