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Continued Investment Opens New Doors for Wilbar Continued Investment Opens New Doors for Wilbar

Continued Investment Opens New Doors for Wilbar

Added to MTD Network by on 14 May 2018

After much deliberation, Wilbar have this week placed an order for a Hurco VMX42 SRTi five axis Vertical Machining centre. This will increase their capacity and allow even the most complex of jobs to be machined in one setup, freeing up capacity on their 3 axis machines. After looking at many other manufacturers, the decision was made to purchase the VMX42 because of its unique table and B axis arrangement - this still allows "normal" three axis work up to 1050mm x 610mm x 610mm to sit on the table whereas trunion type machines restirct the size and type of work that can go on them.

We are very excited about our new purchase and look forward to developing our skills as we move into five axis machining.

The machine will be available from August and, already, we have enquiries from existing customers to start filling capacity on it


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