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Bitcoin – Is this worth <strike>$10,000</strike>  $17,000?

Bitcoin – Is this worth $10,000 $17,000?

Added to MTD Network by on 14 December 2017

The world has gone Bitcoin crazy and as at the date of posting this article the price was in excess of $10,000  (now $17,000). Wow!! (We know Colin at MTD Network has an opinion on this!!)

And, we know that engineers like to get in on the act, so Russ from Dukewell Precision has made his own Bitcoin. Ok, ok, ok we know it is cyber currency so isn’t actually a coin but this product was requested by a Bitcoin trading company.

Manufactured in en3 and then silver plated, the client wanted the secret 62 character password engraved on each coin. We can’t show the originals, but here is one Russ made for himself.


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