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Lynx 220LMSC -

Lynx 220LMSC -

Added to MTD Network by Atkinson Engineering on 24 November 2017

Lynx 220LMSC

More than just a space saving design, the Lynx 220LMSC with its 8" chuck/65mm bar capacity is a fast, accurate and highly productive lathe with milling capability.

The Lynx 220LMSC is also equipped with a longer bed length and features a sub spindle.

Both the main and sub spindle include full C axis (0.001 degree) control.

Driven Tooling

Hydrafeed mv 65 bar loader.

Maximum turning diameter 290mmx290 mm long.

Complete part manufacturing. No second op required.

Fume extraction by Filtermist


  • Bar dia (A/C): 65 mm
  • Control Doosan Fanuc
  • Turret 12 station/24 half index
  • Automatic tool setter
  • Automatic parts catcher
  • Pneumatic parts ejector with coolant feed (sub spindle)
  • Output parts conveyor


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