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Wallen Antennae Ltd

Wallen Antennae are one of the most experienced and innovative antenna system manufacturers in the UK....


Wallen Antennae are one of the most experienced and innovative antenna system manufacturers in the UK. Based in Kent, we endeavour to design, manufacture and supply a cutting edge range of internal and external antenna products to push the limits of data, voice and video wireless communications and international telemetry.

We are an independent forward thinking company, and the only antenna manufacturer to win the coveted British Design Award. Among our ion of antennae, we have a rich variety to suit every purpose including Cellular Antennae, Vehicle, Handheld, Dual Band, Base Station, VHF/UHF, GPS and Covert Antenna’s. In addition to our advanced antenna systems, we also manufacture and deal in complementary items such as antenna duplexers, diplexers and DC-DC voltage converters.

All Wallen products are made to last, sourcing and utilising the best materials with the highest tolerances. As a dedicated specialist in antenna manufacturing, we push design and innovation to the limit, creating antenna systems to our finest capabilities. We build the best possible product, and put a good price on the final product rather than being bound by the restrictions of building a product specifically to fit a price.

Our internal and external antenna communication systems and products speak for themselves. With unmatched build quality and UK workmanship, getting a Wallen product will ensure that your antennae requirements are met and your expectations exceeded.

We are signal-handling specialists. If you are looking for a supplier of reliable, advanced and superior antennae with skilled and superbly manufactured products then get in touch today. Our expert advisors can recommend the best overall antenna solution and give you a great deal.

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