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With over 35 years experience in the field of precision sub contract engineering, Kail offer a complete service for producing components to the highest quality standards in small or large volumes.

We are the preferred choice of many major blue chip and industrial Companies for parts which require a combination of quality, reliability and integrity.

Many internationally respected manufacturers across many market sectors particularly oil and gas, aerospace, electronic, nuclear, marine and other associated industries rely increasingly on our own unique brand of service and manufacture.

Our international reputation has led us into the export field, we manufacture quality components for many industrial markets worldwide. Our company philosophy is a simple one; it is to provide the highest standards of service throughout all aspects of the business by making quality the hallmark of our enterprise.

Teamwork is a key element and is driven entirely by customer's requirements. This is facilitated by new purpose built premises, ensuring that methods are employed and further strengthened by computer systems integrated with manufacturing programming systems to provide a production and planning function. At the touch of a button we can give you a full traceability and test certification.

Our commitment to invest in state of the art technology, experienced and highly trained staff, has given Kail and Company the infrastructure to complete in a very competitive market.

Machinery on Site


Matsuura MX 520 5 Axis X630 x Y560 x Z560 - 2
Matsuura H Plus 405 Twin Pallet X600 x Y600 x Z600 – 3
Matsuura H Plus 630 Twin Pallet X1050 x Y920 x Z870

Doosan VC 510 Twin Pallet X760 x Y515 x Z570
Doosan DNM 400 X760 x Y435 x Z510 – 2

Mynx 750/50 X1525 x Y762 x Z625
Mynx 5400 X1020 x Y510 x Z625
Brathwaite Turret Mill DRO X600 x Y400 x Z400
Gate Eclipse Turret Mill CNC Control X787 x Y430 x Z450

Puma 600 900 Dia x 1650
Puma 480 900 Dia x 2000
Puma 3100 525 Dia x 760 – 2

Puma 25600 480 Dia x 760
Puma 2600M 410 Dia x 680
Puma GT2100 390 Dia x 560 – 3
Nakamura AS200 MY Y Axis and Bar Feed 340 Dia x 300 – 2
Nakamura AS200 LMSYF Y Axis and Sub Spindle 340 Dia x 570
Puma VT900 C Axis with Live Spindle 900 Dia x 850
Puma V400 M VTL C Axis 500 Dia x 450
Toshiba TMF 10 Full 4 Axis with Live Spindle 1200 Dia x 600
DMG NEF 520 300 Dia x 1000 – 2
Colchester Mastiff
Colchester Triumph 2500 400 Dia x 1250 – 2

Charmilles Robofil Cut 300 X550 x Y350 x Z400 – 2
Charmilles Robofil 240 CC X350 x Y220 x Z220

Charmilles Form 20 CNC X800 x Y500 x Z265
Charmilles Drill 20 X300 x Y200 x Z300 – 2

Miyutoyo Euro – M574 CNC CMM X700 x Y600 x Z500
Mitutoyo ApexS C7106 CNC CMM X700 x Y1000 x Z600
Mitutoyo PJ3000 Shadowgraph
Trimos Vertical Height Gauge - 4
Rockwell Hardness Tester
Propen P3000 Part Marking
Propen P5000 Part Marking

Amada HA250W 250 Dia
Amada HA400W 400 Dia

Jones and Shipman 540 Surface Grinder

Spenstead Shot Bead Blast Cabinet
SL Junior Tapping Arm (M3 – M12)
SL Senior Tapping Arm (M6 – M24)


1 Castletown Road
Tyne and Wear

Telephone: 0191 548 7712
Website: www.kail.co.uk



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