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RK Engineering Limited is located in Atherstone Warwickshire and provides CNC and conventional machining solutions to a wide variety of industry sectors. Established since 1981, R.K. Engineering Ltd., has built up an enviable reputation for the supply of high quality, precision, machined components. Our high speed CNC turning and milling capacity coupled with the latest Quality Management Systems ensures that we can deliver cost effective solutions, on time and at the right quality levels.

Experienced over a broad range of business sectors, RK Engineering bring innovative problem solving solutions, competitive pricing together with ensuring that your business benefits from the services we provide. RK Engineering's strength is its flexibility with no short cuts. We have successfully machined millions of components over the years with strong customer loyaty.

Our quest for excellent service has seen us grow steadfastly though the decades. Our endurance to last all these years and succeed is a testament not only to our investment in cutting edge machinery but also to our commitment in ensuring our engineers are trained to the highest standards.

We can now proudly claim that we achieve 99.5% conformity on all parts manufactured and 99.7% on-time delivery deadlines. Our high level of performance means that we maintain these targets and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Machinery on Site

CNC Turning / Sliding Head Machines
2 x GTC-20 leadwell lathes with 2” bar capacity
1 x LT-20 leadwell lathe with 10” chuck
1 x Haas SL30 lathe with 10” chuck
1 x Hwacheon HI-Eco 10 with 8” chuck
1 x Hwacheon high-tech 200 with 2” bar capacity
1 x leadwell T-7A lathe with 8” chuck (new)
1 x leadwell CT 200 lathe with 8” chuck
1 x Citizen L32-VIII LFV sliding head

Vertical mach/ctres
1 x lead MCV 760R  1000X- 500Y-
1 x lead TVM-760  900X – 350Y
2 x lead VMC 25 with rotary heads  800 X  400Y
1 x Roku-Roku vertimac 11   700 X – 400 Y
1 x lead V650   700 X – 400 Y.
1 x lead V-30    900 X – 400 Y.
1 x lead V 32i with true 4th Axis (new).   900 X – 500 Y.
1 x kondia B-500
1 x lead 20i    600 X – 350 Y.
2 x MCH 400 lead horizontal M.C.  430mm sq. twin pallet.

1 x baty shadow master with edge detection
1 x Faro arm gauge
1 x Kemco C.M.M. 620X – 420Y – 250Z.


Unit 40, Fourways, Carlyon Road Industrial Estate

Telephone: 01827 715041
Website: https://www.rkeng.co.uk/



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