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RDL Technologies Ltd

RDL supplies precision turned components from 1mm to 250mm diameter and milled components upto 1500mm...


RDL supplies precision turned components from 1mm to 250mm diameter and milled components upto 1500mm x 700mm. We offer our services to a wide range of insutries and can manufacture batches between 1 and 1,000,000 components.

We can offer a wide range of services from design assistance with customers and prototype samples to volume production including JIT & KAN BAN systems. As you will see in our machinery list we are equipped to cope with a range of sizes from 2mm diameter to 250mm diameter in turning and 1500mm x 700mm in milling. We can also offer outside processes such as grinding, heat treatment or plating, so this means we can offer our customers a 'one-stop shop' service.

RDL prides itself on the state-of-the-art machinery we have on our shop floor and believe in continual investment to stay ahead of the competition and that by working side by side with our customers we can provide excellence in every aspect of the company. The future at RDL is very bright and the vision is ever growing.

Machinery on Site

  1. Star | SR10 J Sliding Head Lathe - 2 Machines
  2. Doosan | Lynx 220L Bar Fed Lathe 
  3. Star | SB16 Sliding Head Lathe - 2 Machines
  4. Doosan | Lynx 2100B Bar Fed Lathe - 2 Machines
  5. Star | SB16 E Sliding Head Lathe
  6. Doosan | Lynx 220B Chucking Lathe - 2 Machines
  7. Star | SB16 E Type 2 Sliding Head Lathe
  8. Doosan | Lynx 300 Bar Fed Lathe - 2 Machines
  9. Star | SB20 E Sliding Head Lathe
  10. Hardinge | GX480 machining centre - 2 Machines
  11. Star | SR20 R Sliding Head Lathe
  12. Hardinge | XR700 twin pallet vertical machining centre
  13. Star | SR20 R2 Sliding Head Lathe - 2 Machines
  14. Hardinge | XR1500 vertical machining centre
  15. Star | SR20 J Sliding Head Lathe
  16. Doosan | DNM 650
  17. Star | SR32 JN Sliding Head Lathe - 2 Machines
  18. Doosan | DNM 650 II - 2 Machines
  19. Star | SV32 Sliding Head Lathe
  20. HK Laser | Laser Marking Machine - 2 Machines
  21. Star | ST38 Sliding Head Lathe - NEW INSTALLATION!
  22. Hodge Clemco | Glass Bead Blasting Machine
  23. Cincinnati | Hawk 200CX Lathe
  24. Keyence | IM-6500 Image Dimension Measuring System
  25. Hardinge | Talent 6/45 CNC Lathe
  26. Kemet | 3 Stage Ultrasonic Cleaning System
  27. Hardinge | SR200 Super Precision CNC Lathe
  28. MecWash | Duo 400 Parts Washing System
  29. Nakamura | Super NTY3. Twin Spindle, Three Turret Bar Fed
  30. Lathe


Unit 10 Storey Street

Telephone: 01162 625315
Website: www.rdltechnologies.co.uk



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