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Our culture is one of a family business with the emphasis on approachability, teamwork, communication and co-operation, with an open policy on management and business strategy that invites the support of every member of the Hone-All team. This approach may not be right for every business but it works for us, not least because we believe in equipping our team with the skills they need to take more responsibility and then trust them to deliver.

We take our business personally and pride ourselves in ensuring that we achieve the best possible outcome for the customer regardless of what it takes. We are keen to share best practice at all times and have an open door policy for any visitors who wish to come and see what we’ve achieved. We ask only one thing in return – an honest and open view of what they’ve seen and how they would improve it further to ensure that we never stop trying to improve.

Andrea Rodney - DIRECTOR

Machinery on Site

  • Deep Hole Boring

    TIBO B250 Deep Hole Borer
    TIBO B80 Deep Hole Borer
    VDF B3 Deep Hole Borer

    Deep Hole Drilling
    Mollart CNC Gundrill (table m/c)
    Mollart Long Bed Gundrill 60”
    TBT Twin Spindle
    Mollart 7000E Gundrill
    Eldorado Gundrill M60
    Eldorado Gundrill M75

    Tuscan 4m CNC Lathe
    Combi CNC K4 Lathe
    Alpha CNC 3000
    Combi CNC 3M Lathe 6000
    Combi 2000 Colchester  CNC Lathe
    Goodway CNC GCL200
    Goodway CNC Lathe
    Excel V400 Lathe
    XYZ 1550 Lathe
    Colchester VS 2500 48”
    Colchester VS 2500

    Large Honing
    Sunnen HTC 3300W CNC Hone
    Sunnen SV20 Vertical Hone
    Jones & Shipman CNC Honing Machine
    Delapena Power Hone
    Sunnen GV3 Vertical CNC
    Sunnen HTB CNC Hone

    Small Honing
    Sunnen 1802
    Sunnen 1690
    Sunnen 1804
    Sunnen 1804
    Sunnen 1660
    Sunnen EC3500 Honing Machine
    Accubore 4 Spindle Hone
    Pemamo Honing Machine
    Sunnen EC3500

    XYZ Edge 2000 Mill
    Facing Machine
    Dynamic Balancing Machine
    Forte Twin Pillar Bandsaw
    Engraving Machine with B axis
    Straightening Machine
    Quantum C.M.M


Cherrycourt Way
Leighton Buzzard

Telephone: 0845 5555 111
Website: www.hone-all.co.uk/hone-all-contact-us.html



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