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Forward thinking and with a long track record in EDM, together with time served and a highly skilled technical workforce, enables the company to produce top quality components with fast delivery times back to customers.

To single out any particular area of the industry would be against the objective of the company whose intention is to offer an EDM only or a make complete service to all potential customers.

This would embrace Tool Making, Jigs and Fixtures, Medical Industry, F1 Racing and Aerospace Industries, the latter being most dependant on the EDM process for production purposes.

Typical examples where the EDM process has proved more suitable and economical than conventional machining are:

  • Tungsten Carbide Heading, Extrusion and Powder Metallurgy Compacting Dies
  • Various operations on high volume components for the Automotive Industry and particularly useful on R&D for the F1 Racing Car Industry
  • Turbine Blades, Nozzle Guide Vanes, Rakes and Probes, and a multitude of other aerospace components, all of which are produced in difficult to machine exotic aerospace materials, such as: - Nimonic, Titanium, Jet Heat and Honeycomb composites. EDM has proved crucial in the production of small diameter cooling holes and narrow strip seal slots in turbine blades and NGV's.

We feel our forte is to combine all areas of EDM e.g. CNC Sink with PLC Controlled Automatic Operations, CNC Wire, and Fast Hole Drilling plus our machining centres gives the company a major advantage over our competitors.

Our policy in continuous investment in the latest technology within our Quality Department includes, CNC CMM and Mitutoyo Shadow Graph with Quadra check, will reassure and give quality satisfaction to all our customers.

Machinery on Site

Wire EDM

Sodick AQ535L Wire Machine AWT (X550 Y350 Z310) x2
Sodick AQ600LWire machine AWT (X600 Y450 Z300)
Sodick AQ600L Premium Wire machine AWT (X600 Y450 Z300)
Sodick A320D Wire machine AWT (X300 Y250 Z180) x2
Sodick A325 Wire machine AWT (X300 XY250 Z180)
Sodick AQ300L Linear wire machine AWT (X300 XY200 Z200)

Sink EDM Machines

Agie / Charmilles SP’1’ Actspark CNC Sink x7
ONA CNC Sink with 5 Tool station changer &‘C Axis
Non CNC Sink machines Part PLC controlled for large components x2

EDM Fast Hole Drill Machines

Charmilles CNC Fast Hole Drill for small continuous hole work x2
KTC Fast Hole Drill for angled holes
Top EDM Fast Hole Drill Deep drilling to 350 mm

Milling / Turning Machines 

HAAS CNC Machine Centre x2
HAAS Rotary Tables x3
HAAS CNC Lathe                      
HURCO VMX30M Machine Centre


JOHANSSON CNC-CMM (Metro log 3D CAD Software)
MITUTOYO Shadow Graph With Quadra Check
Full Inspection Facilities with FAIR


18 Bayton Road
Exhall, Coventry

Telephone: 024 7664 4404
Website: www.hi-techaerospace.com



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