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BEL Engineering

Founded in 1922 by our CEO’s grandfather, the British Engines Group has been providing manufacturing...


Founded in 1922 by our CEO’s grandfather, the British Engines Group has been providing manufacturing services for over 9 decades.

From our beginnings as a subcontract engineering business during the interwar years, post war, an expanded British Engines formed the distinct operational businesses that you would recognise today. Nine engineering businesses, predominantly based in the North East of England, share best practice and provide an extended supply chain to the benefit or our customers.

With the first British Engines trained apprentices coming on stream throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s, the Group has continued to grow and diversify. BEL Engineering was established as a separate project managed machining business in 2012 to cater for the growing demand from the UK and European markets for high-quality sub-contract machining facilities.

For more on British Engines or any of the nine businesses that make up the Group please visit: www.britishengines.co.uk

Machinery on Site

• 1 x Large CNC horizontal boring mill (floor borer)
• 7 x Large CNC vertical turning centres
• 6 x Large CNC horizontal boring mills
• 4 x Large horizontal machining centres

• 3 x Integrex CNC mill/turn centres
• 6 x Vertical machining centres
• 8 x Medium CNC turning centres
• 9 x Small CNC turning centres
• 7 x Manual lathes

• 3 x Wire erosion machines
• 7 x Grinding machines (shaft, bore, ball and surface)
4 x Lapping and honing machines


Glasshouse Street, St Peters
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear

Telephone: 0191 204 3680
Website: www.belengineering.co.uk



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