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3D Print ‘N’ Scan is based in Stockbridge, in the heart of Hampshire.

We provide an online, PolyJet Resin 3D Printing & bespoke scale model building service for the manufacture of plastic components, bespoke models and more.

Meeting the needs of SMEs

3D Print N Scan Ltd. Are committed to working with the ambitions of UK businesses of all sizes, both at home and abroad.

To help your business prosper, our team focus on building long term, trusting relationships to deliver what you need, both now and in the future! to support the success of your business.

Supporting your business

As your business grows, you need suppliers that grow with you.

Our team will provide the support, guidance and expertise you need throughout your design project lifecycles, to help support your plans.

You will benefit from:

  • A dedicated Manager available for face-to-face discussion to discuss your design requirements, challenges and opportunities, on the phone day to day support as well as online assistance.
  • A dedicated Manager with the expertise and understanding in 3D CAD, 3D PolyJet Printing, Model Making and Design, combined with knowledge and experience of having worked in the manufacturing sector, offering your business the relevant guidance that you need, to get your product to market quicker.
  • A business that builds strong relationships with SMEs and university students, committed to providing the support you need to help your business grow, helping you achieve a solution that meets your needs and budget.

Experts in what we do!

We know that not all businesses are the same! and as one of the UK’s Premier 3D Printing & bespoke scale model building companies, we have the experience and expertise to support businesses, by providing clients with:

  • A range of services, from 3D Printing, CAD & Scanning to specialist handcrafting skills, supporting your needs whether you do business in the UK or abroad.
  • functional visual aids for demonstration in sales & marketing which have helped clients win many awards for safety & innovation by providing their prospective clients with a physical object to aid in discussion.

Building relationships with SMEs and University students

We’re local to you! Based in the UK, which means with face–to–face and phone support, you’re never far away from someone who can help.

Your dedicated manager has expert knowledge, and an in-depth understanding of 3D Printing & design and has the discretion to make decisions and changes quickly and easily.

Our pledge to you! is to give support for businesses like yours, by helping you seize growth opportunities by using our services!

And as your business confidence in us grows and improves, reinforcing our relationship, we hope we build a lifelong partnership together.

Using PolyJet UV Resin for our 3D Printing, which has one of the highest finishes and tolerances, our models and prototypes which are well traveled, have been on display In London, Southampton, Turkey and Amsterdam, for sales & marketing at the UK Security Expo, METS Trade show, and more.

Machinery on Site

Objet 30 Pro - 3D Printer


Coppernobs, High Street,
SO20 6HE

Telephone: 07456 047432
Website: www.3dprintnscan.co.uk



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